Soften it up with Boho Springtime Jewelry

I don’t know about you, but springtime to me has always meant lightening everything up quite a bit; your space, your emotions, your workload maybe, depending on what it is you do, and your wardrobe, and that goes for your jewelry wardrobe too.

With its earthy organic feel, handmade boho jewelry is perfect for this time of year and summer as well, especially those pieces with a beach chic vibe. You want to coordinate your jewelry with your sundresses, jeans and lighter fabric tops, keeping it soft and breezy sometimes. I live and design in a coastal town and it’s pretty casual here, not like where I was raised in southern California, in Redondo Beach. I look around and don’t see a lot of jewelry being worn most of the time, yet, just a drive over the hill to Los Gatos or down to Carmel and the scene is so much different, trendier, more colorful and certainly more fashion- fun to me!

Several times a year I visit the huge bead shows in California and pick my choices for my beach inspired handmade jewelry collection for spring and summer. This year I was fixated on coin pearls, but then decided to try some abalone shell, for a twist on beachy hoop-like earrings. These boho luxe earrings are what I came up with. If I had my way I would paint everything with a sea-foam blue patina… it makes me happy. These hoops were born bronze, but I gave them a a few swipes with my brush.

Happy Springtime Everyone!

Simple abalone shell drop earrings, can really help you spring into springtime!

Simple abalone shell drop earrings, can really help you spring into springtime!

Soften it up with Springtime Jewelry.