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Autumn at Rio del Mar Beach

Summer, in a blink, it seems, has washed away with the tide, and the crisp feel of autumn is once again carried in on a salty ocean breeze. Beach bonfires are crackling and the sky is side lit. The beach, just a moment ago, bustling with visitors and brightly colored canopies for miles, is now muted and softly diffused.  Quiet really does have an echo.  We gently embrace this new season, and like the lotus flower, we begin anew, stronger and empowered, and with a feeling of childlike anticipation.  

Up cycled wooden mala beads, Nepalese brass capped resin, and honey colored Czech glass with vermeil Lotus flower.

Up cycled wooden mala beads, Nepalese brass capped resin, and honey colored Czech glass with vermeil Lotus flower.


Rio Jewelry Studio—Featured Artist on Art Business Institute!

This month has been really exciting for me. I am honored to say I am a featured artist on Carolyn Edlund's blog at Art Business Institute. 

The Art Business Institute is a non-profit dedicated to helping artists of all mediums enhance their business skills. They have local and online courses in different aspects of the business of art. Dedicated to art-and craft-making communities, they provide practical business education for creative entrepreneurs.

Carolyn Edlund asks about what type of client I design for and my studio practice and inspiration. Come take a peak into the creative process behind Rio Jewelry Studio Collection!


Crystals and Gemstones

The earthiness of raw, rough gemstones such as citrine, amethyst, and turquoise really call to me.  Each stone is said to be known for its unique properties of empowerment and intention, along with its own rich history.  While designing my jewelry I keep in mind the intention I would like to imbue in each piece, and create it accordingly. I meet many artists who love to wear gemstones that are known to enhance creativity, for example. Others are looking to enhance their spiritual connection through the vibration and energy of stones and crystals.

This bracelet features a raw amethyst and turquoise, draped with Peruvian opals and wire worked in vermeil. Amethyst worn on your wrist is said to help attract abundance and prosperity, Turquoise is a stone of protection and is known to improve communication. I added Peruvian opals to calm the mind and build a strong connection to the beauty and tranquility of the sea. This piece is a personal favorite, and was bought by a friend of mine. It lives in Los Gatos presently! 

You can look up  your favorite gemstones at Crystal Vault's Crystal Encyclopedia, it's truly amazing!