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Color Inspiration: Cafe Namaste at Night

Red Coral and Citrine Buddha Meditation Bracelet

Red Coral and Citrine Buddha Meditation Bracelet

Sometimes after working very long hours laying out beads for my designs, I feel like leaving my studio for a while, venturing out for a break and a bit of new color inspiration. On this evening it was Cafe Namaste. To find this place, you would slip down a side alley called "Squid Row" in the small California coastal town of Santa Cruz. Aromas of chai and incense swirl to greet you at the door with a promise of big fluffy pillows on which to stretch out and stay awhile in the far back booklined room. The orange glow of the place is warm and reassuring on a chilly fall night and I grab my camera to shoot this picture. My thoughts are about how magical Santa Cruz can actually be sometimes, to me, a southern California gal. Through my camera's eye, I notice the Buddha's hands in analji mudra position and I smile, feeling calm and welcomed. I want this moment to last forever here in this warm glow, but my eye catches the right lower pane in the window there, and through the glass, I can make out the word "temporary" on a red backdrop of some sort. I love this little cafe down a side alley, but for some reason, I know intuitively it will not be here much longer, as shops come and go in a tourist town like this.

It's been closed for a while now, but I am glad I got this shot. It makes my soul happy, and it is still a color inspiration to me for the fall.  Impermanence, yes. Everything is temporary.

Just a reminder to enjoy "now", remember that.